Why Should I Rescue?

Why should you rescue a dog? The best and most obvious answer we can give you is simple: you’ll save a dog’s life.  It doesn’t make sense to pay a breeder for one when there are thousands of healthy, lovable dogs that face euthanization in shelters every day. Rescue dogs are intelligent, emotional beings that deserve a chance at a long, happy life. The personal rewards you get from rescuing are far greater than buying a dog.

Keep reading to see some other reasons why rescuing a dog is more than just saving a life!

They’re Usually Ahead of the Game

Aside from saving a dog’s life there are several tangible benefits to adopting a rescue dog. Most rescue dogs have been taught basic obedience: things like leash skills and being housebroken. There will still be a commitment to training, but usually the first steps have already been taken, making life a little easier!


Veterinary care, which is often expensive, is already taken care of when you rescue a dog. Rescue dogs receive all age appropriate shots prior to adoption, are spayed/neutered (if old enough), on flea/tick preventative, heartworm preventative, and are often microchipped. Many recues also are paying to transport dogs locally which is most often included in the adoption fee. With adoption fees being a fraction of the cost of breeder dogs and arriving to their families fully vetted, it’s significantly less expensive to rescue.  

Finding the Right Fit

Rescues and shelters perform temperament and behavior testing to learn more about the dog and to ensure they are adoptable. There is a misconception that rescue dogs are problem dogs – this simply isn’t true. You run the risk of running into “issues” with any dog you get whether purchased or rescued, but the benefit with rescuing is that any quirks are tested and disclosed ahead of time. A lot of time and energy is spent evaluating dogs to ensure their new home would be a good fit to ensure a happy, safe and easy transition.

Community Impact

Rescuing a dog also has a positive social impact on the community. You will not be supporting puppy mills or contributing to the mistreatment of animals for profit. Rescuing also helps reduce overpopulation and euthanizatoion of current dogs. By educating yourself about rescue efforts and needs, you may find a desire to help other pets in your community by volunteering, donating or fundraising.

Rescuing a dog not only gives you and your family years of happy tail wags and doggie kisses, but it also saves a life that otherwise would have been uncertain. You will completely change the life of that dog who will pay you back in love tenfold. There are thousands if dogs sitting in shelters right now, be their hero and go adopt a one.

Who rescued who?  Adopt, Rescue, Foster.

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