Why as "New Englanders" are you saving dogs from down South?

Southern states are constantly battling overflowing shelters, heartworm positive dogs and cases of neglect and abuse. It's not that there are no instances of these things in the Northeast, but Northbound rescue has chosen to focus on dogs in the South because the need is currently so great.

Why are there so many dogs in need of rescue in Southern States?

This is a very complicated and complex question with no specific answer... but lack of spaying/neutering, weak animal protection laws, lack of enforcement of laws, economic circumstances, lack of education and cultural norms are some of the factors that contribute to the current state of dog culture in the South.

Why can't shelters adopt out and send dogs to rescue on their own?

Some shelters can and do this on their own. However, there are still many shelters who are understaffed and/or so overwhelmed with the daily upkeep of their shelters that they can't keep up with much else. Forming relationships with rescues is great, but it can be involved and time consuming to market and get the dogs ready. Northbound Rescue helps shelters with all aspects of caring for and getting their dogs out of the shelter.