What does Northbound Rescue do?

We help animal rescuers in Southern States find rescues to take their animals and find them forever homes through adoption. These rescue animals most often start off as strays, owner surrenders, abandoned (dumped) animals, and foster animals who ended up at shelters.

Does Northbound Rescue have animals for adoption?

Yes we do, but not all of the animals we assist end up being adopted out through us. We match our animals with rescues based on which rescue is the best fit for the animal. 

Why can't shelters and rescuers adopt out and send animals to rescues on their own?

Some shelters and rescuers can and already do this on their own. However, there are still many rescuers who are overwhelmed with the daily tasks associated with saving animals and caring for them (transporting, vetting, cleaning, feeding, socializing, and exercising), that they often struggle to find the time to network their animals to rescues. Northbound Rescue helps rescuers with all aspects of finding the best rescue for their animals, proper vetting, paperwork, and coordinating transport to receiving rescues who will find the animals forever homes.

Why as "New Englanders" are you saving animals from down South?

Southern states are constantly battling overflowing shelters, strays, heartworm positive dogs and cases of neglect and abuse. It's not that there are no instances of these things in the Northeast, but Northbound rescue has chosen to focus on dogs in the South because the need is so great.

Why are there so many animals in need of rescue in Southern States?

This is a very complicated and complex question with no specific answer... but lack of spaying/neutering, weak animal protection laws, lack of enforcement of laws, economic circumstances, lack of education and cultural norms are some of the factors that contribute to the current state of animal culture in the South.

Are the animals Northbound Rescue is helping properly vetted and legally transported?

YES and YES. All of our animals are loved and cared for in humane and clean conditions from the moment our rescuers take them in. They are then brought up to date on vaccines, heartworm tested (if old enough), spayed/neutered (if old enough), given preventatives, and de-wormed. All animals must meet medical requirements associated with each rescue, and then must pass a health exam from a licensed veterinarian in order to receive a Health Certificate for inter-state travel.