Who We Are

Northbound Rescue is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting under-served shelters in rural, Southern states. With many shelters in the South battling overpopulation, low local adoption rates and climbing medical bills, Northbound Rescue forms a partnership with these shelters to issues to assist them with medical care, fundraising and rescue efforts in the Northeast.



Our Story

Our co-founders, Tonia and Shelby, met in the dog rescue world back in 2017 while volunteering with a local organization. The two got paired up working with the same shelter group in Mississippi where they formed a strong bond with the affiliate fosters, staff and volunteers. While Tonia and Shelby loved the organization they were originally volunteering for, they quickly found that the shelter they were working with needed extra help with day to day operations and wanted to focus on filling that need.


Our Vision

Our vision is to help our partner shelters get proper medical care for their dogs and get them out of the shelter to rescue groups or adoptive homes in the Northeast. These efforts help to make room for more animals in the shelter and reduce or eliminate euthanasia rates. This also allows for staff to have a more manageable workload, which ultimately means better care for their animals.


Meet the Team


Shelby Knowlton

Shelby was first introduced to dog rescue when she adopted her first dog, Zoey in 2013. Two additional rescue dogs later, Shelby decided to help other dogs find their forever families by volunteering to be an adoption coordinator where she met Tonia and formed a relationship with her Southern rescue friends.


Tonia Cloutier

 Tonia was first introduced to dog rescue when she adopted her first hound from Texarkana, TX and a spark was ignited. Tonia decided to volunteer as an adoption coordinator to help dogs find their forever home. She met Shelby and a bond was formed. Two more rescue dogs later and the relationship with Southern rescues was solidified.


Brewster Knowlton

Brewster pretty much married a crazy dog lady (Shelby), got pulled into her rescue world, and the rest, they say, is history.

How Can You Help?

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